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PCB Automatic Assembly Manufacturer

PCB Automatic Assembly Manufacturer

With hard work and sincerity of our employees, we have carved a place for ourselves in this realm by providing Automatic Assembly. Under the direction of competent personnel, these provided products are delivered with superiority. Apart from this, owing to their flexibility, affordability and reliability, these provided products are highly in demand.

PCB automatic assembly is the use of machines to automate the process of assembling electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB). This is in contrast to manual PCB assembly, which is done by humans.

Automated PCB assembly has a number of advantages over manual assembly, including:

  • Increased speed: Automated assembly machines can place components much faster than humans can. This can lead to shorter assembly times and faster time to market for electronic products.
  • Improved accuracy: Automated assembly machines are much more accurate than humans at placing components. This can help to reduce the number of defects in PCB assemblies.
  • Increased consistency: Automated assembly machines can consistently place components in the same way every time. This can help to ensure that PCB assemblies are of a high quality and that they meet the customer’s specifications.
PCB Automatic Assembly Manufacturer


  • Durable
  • Longer life
  • Quality assured.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automated assembly machines can reduce the need for human labor. This can help to lower the cost of PCB assembly.

Component Placement: The automated machine uses robotic arms or pick-and-place mechanisms to accurately position the components onto the PCB. The machine reads component information from a database or programming file to determine the correct placement locations.

Vision Inspection: Optical cameras or sensors are employed to verify the accuracy of component placement. These inspection systems check for proper orientation, alignment, and any defects or inconsistencies.